Thursday, 3 March 2011

Year of the Metal Rabbit

Before my next big project, I decided some exploration was required with regards to rendering techniques... I've gone back to the old-school with a bit of texture and even some Photoshop brushes (eek!!) I haven't quite made my mind up yet, it's very difficult for me to stray away from the the pancake-flat without feeling out of my depth, but you never know...

Oh yes, and apparently this year is indeed the Chinese year of the 'Metal Rabbit', when we are supposed to support our families and loved ones through deeds and not words - i.e. by keeping our mouths shut and our heads down! Good advice if I ever heard it :)

Logos a Go-go

Another logo design for Hertfordshire based company 'Custom Made Carpentry and Joinery Ltd'. They do pretty much everything from wardrobes to whole staff kitchen re-fittings... It was pretty hard to come up with a logo that told you all this! So I just drew a lovely dovetail joint instead :) Custom Made's new website isn't up yet, but if you feel like a look at what they do, visit
I did a leaflet design too, which should be winging its way around the area pretty soon...