Thursday, 15 April 2010

Lets get Conceptual ;)

Here are some editorial solutions on various subjects. I tried to keep them all to a similar style, focussing on shape and colour. I'm quite proud of them, especially my dolls house which ended up being more difficult to construct than I'd first expected... in the future I may once again foray into the exciting territory of line!

Illustration for the Guardian article 'How many Facebook friends is too many?' Apparently the answer is 151.

This article ('Homeward Bound' - also from the Guardian) centered around a particular womans worries and doubts about moving with her new family into the house she grew up in.

This image is an attempt to represent 'Phantom Limb Syndrome', whereby a an individual who has suffered the amputation of a limb still feels pain in that area. The New Scientist article 'The Phantom Promise' alluded to a new technique for treating this problem, by psychologically 'rewiring' the brain. I had quite a lot of trouble with this one, but hopefully it gets the main point across.

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