Thursday, 8 July 2010

Why, Hello There!

So, you may not have seen me for a while. I would put this down to 'being very busy', which is in part true and in a more oh-lets-just-be-honest part, a bit of a fib!

Lots of news to report, as follows:

- I returned from a trip to The Big Apple inspired, informed and more than a little exhausted! (And plus one felted friend, pics to come...)

- I am now an official graduate of University College Falmouth

- My work is being exhibited right now at New Designers 2010 at the Business Design Centre in Islington. You can find out how to get tickets here:

It really is worth going as there's some lovely work on show, both in Visual Communication and in the Product/ 3D Design fields. It's amazing, truly innovative stuff. If you get a chance, I would recommend you go and see this guy in the 'Multimedia' section :

Play around on the 'Idiron AV', a program that combines music and animation with an amazingly complex level of interaction. Both the PC program, and development as an ipod 'App', allow the user to manipulate different layers of the music which in turn cause the synced animation to 'react' appropriately. Watching Gilbert operate the Idiron AV at the private view last night was not dissimilar to watching the 'mad scientist' in a 1940s sci-fi film demonstrate his latest, unnecessarily complicated invention. I wondered whether your 'Average Joe' might spend more time working out how to use the damn thing than the creator spent developing the software in the first place! Still, the effect is both mesmerizing and also soul-destroying, as you soon realise you will never be this bloody clever.

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