Monday, 2 August 2010

Mais Oui!

So, no blogging in a little while. This is because I have been swanning off again, as I am want to do - this time to the wonderful city of Paris... There was much coffee drinking, oohing and aahing at beautiful structures, and wistful humming of 'La Vie en Rose' to be had by all.

Attempts were made not to be a 'tourist', but walking around everywhere with your nose in a 'Time Out: Paris' guide book doesn't really give off the best impression. Yes, we did go up the Eiffel Tower (which is well worth the 7 euro fee) and after a probable 90 minute wait, some lovely man took this picture for us and it turned out quite well:

If anyone is planning to visit Paris in the near future, I would highly recommend the comic book store 'Album' which is located in the Latin Quarter on Boulevard Saint-Germain; there are 3 stores on the same junction, selling French graphic novels and art books, classic super-hero comics, figurines, posters and 'sketchbooks' full of character designs and roughs from famous graphic artists. I'd set aside a good amount of time to explore - there are plenty of other independent shops just like it in the same area and you'd be surprised how fast time can fly when you're in paradise!

Check it out!

Also, note this scary face:

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