Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Thank You Geniuses!


Some of you may have missed me over recent weeks and been disappointed at my lamentable lack of posting. This was due to my laptop finally deciding to give up altogether and frying my hard-drive (hence deleting all recent work. Damn.) I took it to the Mac store in Covent Garden, expecting the worst, but came away jovial! Not only did the helpful chap replace my hard-drive with a new one twice the size, he gave me a brand new charger and a new casing as well! It was like a particularly gleeful episode of Animal Hospital. My 'little fella' had, indeed, made it.
Well, I'm back now and on track! Never fear! And I have some exciting things on the go which you no doubt can't wait to see...

On second thoughts, most of you probably didn't even notice I was gone.

Oh well, here is a piece I did a little while ago for Capture:Cure, a fundraising organisation who raise money for the fight against breast cancer. I entered this illustration into the 'Support' category - think it raised about £70 in the end!

'Phone a Friend'

Unfortunately, I did lose most of the make-up box design I had been working on, but I might put the linework up for you soon...

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