Tuesday, 6 August 2013

The Black Rose

Exciting news! 

Last weekend I was delivered a copy of a book that I did some illustrations for months ago... here it is!
'The Black Rose' is the second part in the Seven Stars Trilogy by very talented (and young!) author James Bartholomeusz.  The books follow the adventures of teenagers Jack and Lucy as they are sucked into an inter-worldly war involving all manner of evil creatures and some Welsh sounding fairies... 

'The Black Rose' is published by Medallion Press and is the first of the trilogy that I illustrated.  This book and the first instalment 'The White Fox' can both be purchased on Amazon.

Below are some of the other images I created for the book:

Nimue and the frozen girl

The end of Faustus

The Goblin Priest

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  1. These illustrations are magnificent… Congrats! ^^